How will my donation be used?

What is Vintage Unite.

Vintage Unite is the entrepreneurial foundation of the Vintage Group. We don’t just tackle one cause; we look at many pressing issues, taking our resources and expertise wherever we feel we can make the most difference. There are so many challenges facing the world today, but we believe that by bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can create positive change.

Can Vintage Unite support my charity?

We’d love to support all of the social activities and initiatives we hear about, but we’re keen to focus our efforts on the specific set of projects we’re currently working on. Well done on all you’re doing to make the world a better place, we wish you the best of luck.

How can I apply for a job with you?

Virgin Unite brings together the best people to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. We tackle a lot of problems, and we couldn’t do it without people who share our core belief: that by working together we can really make a difference. If this sounds like you, stay updated with career opportunities at Vintage Group

I don't have much money. Can I help?

Charity is not about giving Hundreds of thousands, its about the will to help change the world, your little matters to the needy. Take action today

Can I dedicate my donations?

We have different projects, you can go through them and dedicate your donation to the the project you feel at heart.

Can I apply for a grant from Vintage Unite?

Unlike some other charities, we do not run an open grant application process. On most of our initiatives, we either work with an already established circle of partners, or identify new partners we think are best placed to deliver in line with our strategy and with whom we can leverage initial investments for significant impact.