Contribute for the Global Challenges

In today’s world many people die without eating and it’s a shame for us that we are not helping them.Money is not always the way to help the poor. You can get involved by giving them anything that you are capable of. Many a penny makes a pond; drops of water make the ocean. So if we work together we can change the world in a better way.


  • Education
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Community
  • Environment

Donations and the help of our partners Creates a bigger impact on education!

At Vintage Unite, we champion courageous, committed people who are creating a better world through education. Poverty is concentrated in many rural sections of the country, just as it is in metropolitan ones, and our main goal is to bring education closer to them. To overcome the level of poverty To empower a generation in Kenya's lower class. To make the nation literate To make the world a better place.

    To make sure education for poor children is active, we are raising funds. At present we are seeing millions of children being neglected around Africa. They do not get proper education and many other advantages due to poverty. We are raising funds to help these poor children around the continent. Your small donation can help us to raise our fund and can make sure they have proper schools, stationaries and other things to assure of their education. So please donate to help the poor

Uniting Entrepreneurs and boosting start ups.

Supporting entrepreneurs in Africa to create positive change in their communities. we believe entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of a booming economy and creators of social change. By uniting entrepreneurs we hope to empower entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses and in turn, impact the communities around them.

    ✓ To bring independent leaders to work together for peace and human rights.,
    ✓ To empower a generation in Kenya's lower class.,
    ✓ To make the world a better place

Uniting Communities and helping the fight against poverty and poor health

We work alongside Africans as they strive for a bright future and great lives, supporting them to overcome adversity and disadvantage. Our services, advocacy and community-building activities are central to achieving this. Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone. Everyone has their rights equally and we want to make sure that people can get food, education, treatment and accommodation for everyone who is living in poverty.

    The aim of human rights instruments is the protection of those vulnerable to violations of their fundamental human rights. There are particular groups who, for various reasons, are weak and vulnerable or have traditionally been victims of violations and consequently require special protection for the equal and effective enjoyment of their human rights Vintage Unite focuses on groups that are especially vulnerable to abuse of human rights; groups that are structurally discriminated against like women and groups that are physically challenge.
    These groups include
    1) women and girls;
    2) children;
    3) disabled persons;
    4) elderly persons;
    5) HIV positive persons and AIDS victims

Donations with help of our partners,
Bigger impact on education!

We bring together passionate and enlightened African youths who are bent in their irrevocable task of changing the narrative in the African continent. We empower volunteers to serve their communities, take actions for climate, meet sustainable environmental needs, encourage peace and promote understanding of sustainable development through Africa for Climate and Environment Foundation.

    Vintage Unite works towards increasing access to clean and affordable energy for the increasingly growing rural populations, providing sustained partnership to individuals, NGOs and renewable energy entrepreneurs in combating energy poverty, climate change and environmental protection. We have put together initiatives and campaigns that address on recurrent emerging issues that negatively impact the environment and the globe as a whole. Vintage Unite aims to provide substantial benefits associated with these energy technologies include:
    a) Improved public health and environmental quality
    b) A vast and inexhaustible energy supply
    c) Job creation and other economic benefits
    d) Stable energy prices
    e) A more reliable and resilient global energy system